[Plotting About] Some #writing links


I went to a few writing panels at Emerald City Comic Con and found most of them to be helpful.

Below is a list of links that were brought up at the con as well as the recent Rhody Writers Group Meet Up.

Writer’s Digest Classes
Gotham Writing Classes
Matthew Keefer’s novel
Association of Rhode Island Authors
Romance Writers of America Conference
RI Romance Writers
Ocean State Summer Writing Conference
Writer’s Digest Conference 2014
Miss Snark
Helping Writers Become Authors
Greenerside digital
Story cartel
48hrs books
Amazon advantage
Fresh books

And more links at Hallowed Ink Press‘s Helpful link page.

[Plotting About] April 2014 / Week 2 / Weaver / Chapter 8


The writing advice goes like this: Drop the manuscript in the drawer and come back to it in a month to see what needs to be changed.

Of course it would help if the manuscript was finished.

I came back from Emerald City Comic Con having not touched Weaver for a week except to read it on the plane and decided to listen to my gut and cut Chapters 9-13.

And change the last page of Chapter 8.

Why change it?

It was 4 chapters of building up already established characters with a slow built to revealing a villian that sorta worked even if Melinda was part of it all.

Chapter 8 is the “we’re all screwed time to run or run and fight” chapter and I essentially took the easy way out and let everyone escape unscathed.

Some of the scenes are savable. There’s a call to action scene for Melinda that’s a must.

That brings the  Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

In non-novel news: I have been enjoying the meetings of the Association of Rhode Island Authors. It’s more networking than writing group which makes it enjoyable since many of the people are published.

In freelance graphic designer news: RKB Studios is looking for clients.

If you think your website needs a facelift via WordPress then please let me know.

[Movie Review] Captain America: The Winter Soldier (no spoilers, honest)


I’m not going to spoil the movie.

I hope you’re taking notes DC, because Marvel is taking some big risks and they’re pay off.

I will say composer Alan Silvestri was sorely missed.

The second end credit scene like the one in Thor: The Dark World should have been part of the movie and Agents of SHIELD have even a lot more to live up to now.

Seeing it in IMAX is worth it. The 3-D not so much. And preferably without a peanut gallery sitting behind you…spoiler filled review will be forthcoming.

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