[Movie Review] X-Men: Apocalypse


“Sweet Dreams are made of this.”

X-Men Apocalypse reviews dropped a month ago when Captain America: Civil War was the darling on Rotten Tomatoes and everyone made it out to be a garbage fire.

I have no idea what movie they actually saw.

My X-Men First Class review is here and my X-Men Days of Future Past review is here.

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[Movie Review] Captain America: Civil War


Welcome to Marvel Phase Three.

Another Free Comic Book Day, another Marvel Movie.

I have to ask: Just what the whiskey tango foxtrot happened to Age of Ultron while Civil War is amaze balls.

Don’t get me wrong, Age of Ultron had it’s moments, like the farmhouse which I personally loved because sometimes you need the heroes to rally and lick their wounds. Less, cave of exposition and more farmhouse.

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