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[Plotting About] August 2014 / Week 1 / Where Weavers Daire / Chapter 31


Welcome to August.

Welcome to the one year anniversary of me going freelance.

Welcome to the end of Chapter Thirty, the last chapter I had written in 2013 before figuring out: Well, shit, I guess I’ll go back and re-write the first third so it makes sense.

It gets squishy from here even if I’ve written the last chapter already.

Okay so I lie a little bit about squishy part.

I foresee passing the 120k ceiling for this first draft. Revisions will probably bring that down to a normal level.

And I’m submitting it in it’s entirely to the writing group in a week.

No pressure.

That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.41.29 PM

Association of Rhode Island Authors Meet and Greet, 8/9/14

Association of Rhode Island Authors is having a Meet and Greet at Warwick Public Library in Rooms 100+101 on 8/9/14 from 10am – 3pm.

Facebook Event Page can be found here to RSVP.

Featured authors:

Kimberly Kowal Arcand, Julien Ayotte, Yvette Nachmias Baeu, Judith Boss, Kristen Calenda, Paul F. Caranci, Ana Cruz, Christine DePetrillo, Carol Desforges, Edwin Lionel Flynn, Hannah Goodman, J.M. Griffin, Patricia Hinkley, Lynne C. Holden, Nancy James, Zoie Jenkins, Matt Keefer, Alex Kimmel, Joseph Mazzenga, Jane McCarthy, Rachael L. McIntosh, Joann Mead, Vanessa Paniccia, Cris Pfeil, Joanne Phillips, Dawn Porter, Steven R. Porter, Martha Reynolds, Heather Rigney, Theresa Schimmel, JD Spikes, Mike Squatrito, Tom Trabulsi, Marie Younkin-Waldman, Adam Wasserman

This event is free and open to all.

[Movie Review] Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy is almost the perfect summer blockbuster.

It stars a ragtag group of hooligans including a talking tree and raccoon voiced by Vince Diesel and Bradley Cooper respectively.

And it’s from Marvel.

And it’s fun!

Even if the background music by Marvel go-to composer Tyler Bates has gotten too cookie cuter for it’s own good.

It begins on Earth in 1988 with young moppet Jason Quill at the hospital as his mother is dying from cancer. After a tearful goodbye he runs out and in his moment of grief is abducted by aliens.

Flash forward twenty-six years to a dead world where Jason Quill now played by Chris Pratt has grown up and is now a Ravager, essentially Indiana Jones with a mask, guns and jet boots. He even has a cute code name that no one remembers, Star Lord. And Star Lord along with everyone else in the movie is after an orb.

Everyone including Ronan the Accuser played by Lee Pace. The good news is Ronan has a few lackeys that are rememberable and at least gets more backstory than Thor 2′s Dark Elves. He pissed at the fact his planet signed a peace treaty with their sworn enemies and goes on a rampage.

His rent-a-lackeys include Gamora played by Zoe Saldana and Nebula played by Karen Gillian. Gamora makes more of an impression since there are too many villains to focus on including Korath the Pursuer played by Djimon Hounsou.

Gamora volunteers to get the gem back once Quill reaches Xandar, home of the Nova Corps. Unfortunately, Quill’s former Ravagers led by Yondu played by Michael Rooker has found out he stole the orb and issues a bounty on his head.

Once on Xandar, Rocket Raccoon and Groot are introduced when they try and capture Quill. The fight scene between the four of the characters is really fun until they’re arrested and sent to jail mean Drax the destroyer where even more shenanigans happen and they bust themselves out only to find out what the orb does.

Benicio del Toro reprises his role as The Collector, last seen at the end of Thor 2 where he collects all sorts of oddities, both alive and dead. After some backstory on the orbs and an explosive scene everyone finds out what’s inside the orb: It holds an Infinity Gem.

The gems have been littering the Marvel Movies for years and it’s all because of Galactus, introduced at the end of The Avengers, the mad titan, now played by Josh Brolin.

Galactus feels oddly small, mostly because Ronan is so big. Once Ronan figures out how to use the gem just like the Red Skull before him he gets even bigger and decides it’s time to destroy Xandar.

The Nova Corps know full well what’s going on with Roanan. Nova Prime played by Glenn Close is strong enough in her scenes to not be set dressing while John C. Reilly is not exactly the Coulson of Nova Corps but close.

The final battle may occur over Xandar and I swore scenes were inspired by the video game Space Invaders, the disaster porn is thankfully kept to a minimum. After Star Trek Into Darkness, Avengers and especially Man of Steel, seeing ships crash into buildings gets a yawn from me.

I should point out the CGI raccoon and talking tree are 100% real. James Gunn pulled off a talking raccoon with a penchant for explosives and a talking tree that speaks three words.

If that review sounds like a lot is going on is because a lot did go on.

And even with all that, the characters did have their arcs. There’s a scene where Quill has to rally the group and that went a long way to show everyone was thinking for themselves until the threat of Ronan makes them rethink and band together.

Many people have complained about the Marvel movies having a generic feel to them like they’re all the same. Guardians feels different. It feels like a James Gunn directed an Edgar Wright movie.

Quill’s walkman and the mix tapes he has sets the tone and makes it feel less like a Marvel movie and more like a kid plucked away from Earth dropped into Star Wars with a 70′s pop soundtrack.

The music and the fact most of these characters aren’t lily white really helped make an impression.

Saw this in IMAX 3-D and thought it was worth the monies.

And as with any Marvel Movie staying around until the end will only bring you heartache.

There’s only one scene.

So sezs Howard the Duck.

Yer welcome.

[Movie Review] Lucy


Luc Besson directing a Rated R movie with Scarlett Johansen playing a reluctant drug mule named Lucy who is accidentally gets infected by a experiment drug that makes her use more of her brain than anyone else managed to make more money than a PG-13 movie about Hercules staring The Rock.

The movie is small from beginning to end.

Lucy is a college student living in Taiwan when her seedy boyfriend gets her to deliver a package of drugs to his drug dealing boss.

This ends just as horribly as one might think with Lucy waking up after being operated on with the drugs in her stomach.

Everything is going perfectly fine until the Lucy’s unnamed middle man captor abuses her before getting on the plane and the bag of drugs get into her system.

Up to this point, Lucy has been unwillingly and at a severe disadvantage. The film emphasizes this by cutting between Lucy and shots of animals either grazing or about to get dead by a more powerful animal.

While that happens to Lucy, we are introduced to Morgan Freeman doing Morgan Freeman scientist and explaining to a group of scientists and students what may happen if someone used more brain capacity. He points out quite easily: it’s all science fiction.

This a subtle nod to the audience saying: we have no idea what’s gonna happen but it’s gonna be fun so stop bitching about the whole %10 of our brain thing.

Lastly, we learn one thing: when you don’t get Weta to do your ape SFX, it hurts.

Getting back to Lucy, her body going through the changes was a nice scene without going overboard.

The drug isn’t the downside to the movie.

In fact, the drug helps ground the movie.

It grounds the movie because once you have super powered character they get really boring until they’re fighting someone else or you give them a handicap for all that power.

It may make you smart but it’s going to eat you up. So no Doctor Who running around solving everything, you’re on a clock.

This little tidbit brings up a great theme of: reproduce or be remembered. Those expecting a steaming sex scene from this Rate R movie is in for disappointment.

The smallness of the movie helps since it’s focused on Lucy, Morgan Freeman playing the scientist, the French Cop responsible for apprehending the other drug mules and the drug lord that Lucy returns to see after she gets her brain bump.

The problem with the brain bump is it eats away at her humanity and she sounds like a dull version of herself with this thousand yard stare and able to do all sorts of things like telekinesis and see wi-fi signals at least until her body starts to burn up from the drug.

Besides a few scenes of action this movie isn’t the slam bang action fest the trailers make it out to be. Which is fine.

The problem with the movie overall is it’s too small for it’s own good.

So, when there’s a car chase directly out The Bourne Identity (complete with the same music score) it feels completely out of place and why is that car doing that flip again?

The fact the drug exists and this is happening to Lucy means it must’ve happened before so there’s no mysterious band of scientists or backers in the shadows waiting to see what happens.

2011′s Limitless with Bradley Cooper handled this smart drug plot line a bit better than Lucy. Both of these movies cover the same topic just differently enough to make them fun without pulled a Deep Impact / Armageddon vide.

The movie doesn’t do the whole lawnmower man thing where the protagonist is going to take over the internet. The ticking clock of her own mortality pushes the film until the final explosive action sequence.

If you’ve seen Transcendence and enjoyed it then you’ll like Lucy since it goes in the opposite direction.

After directing several french films and the occasional animated fair, I’m happy to say Luc Besson directed a great movie. I hope he stops producing and gets back into the directing chair.

401 Regimen Classic Amateur Boxing Showcase on August 2, 2014 in Providence, RI

[Updated with new information]

RKB Studios has been working with Regimen Boxing Enterprises on the advertising for the Boxing Showcase coming to Providence, R.I. and the first flyer is available!


401 Regimen Classic Amateur Boxing Showcase will be held on August 2, 2014 at Classical High School Gymnasium from 4pm to 8pm.

Tickets can be bought at 401 Regimen Classic website.

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