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[Plotting About] Welcome to December


Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik Wernquist on Vimeo.

Let’s start with this short film entitled “Wanderers”. If you love sci-fi movies or space exploration watch it.

It’s the overall theme of exploring is what I’m aiming for with the Weaver ‘Verse and some of those visuals of the ships are pitch perfect.

What is happening with Weaver?

Well, NaNoWriMo is over, I did about 7k words but I wrote a whole chapter that’s usable, we’ll call this Chapter 5 for now.

Chapter 3 has been edited to merge scenes together and to end on a perfect note. Now it’s onward to Chapter 4 that needs to be re-written to get to Chapter 5.

Chapter 4 is going to be the call to action for both Spence and Melinda. For the most part it’s there, scenes needs to be shuffled around and such.

I’m happy with what I’ve gotten done so far and glad I didn’t push myself to write more. I am going to try and pick up the pace a bit, my deadline is a week before Emerald City Comic Con in March 2015.

That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

In other news, my sister-in-law, Kellie has started a Backyard Roots Blog. If you enjoy picking your own vegetables from your own garden then this blog is for you.

[Plotting About] Weaver and NaNoWrimo


Rhode Island Comic Con is over.

Rhode Island Author Expo is over.

Now it’s time for NaNoWriMo.

And less said about Destiny and Advance Warfare the better.

Since when did November become so busy?

This will be my tenth year for NaNoWriMo.

Week 2 has arrived and things are progressing.

On most Novembers I’d be at 40k by now having well learned that it’s all about the word count and not the story. In the past reaching 50k by the 15th was normal.

Instead, I’m taking it slow with the second draft of Weaver and addressing several things that the first draft didn’t.

Questions like:

What is this story about?

Why are they there?

What are the characters’ arc?

What’s the purpose of all this?

What’s the elevator pitch?

And making sure it stays a tiny story with big characters instead of a big story with small characters.

Best example: Kung Fu Panda has tiny story but big characters while Kung Fu Panda 2 had big story and small characters.

This blog post over at Heather Webb’s site covers what I haven’t but should’ve been doing.

Chapter Three was completed pre-NaNo.

The end of Chapter Four is going to be re-written.

That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

[Con Report] Rhode Island Comic Con 2014

me at booth lighter

(Image taken by Matthew Graves)

The third annual Rhode Island Comic Con happened last weekend at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

I missed the first year, attended the second as a fan and was a dealer at the third and I wish I could recommend it to my friends to make it an annual event. It’s got everything: comic books, movies, artists, authors and tv/movie stars as guests!
Scooby Doos
Nerd Prom in my backyard! And there’s no airline tickets or hotel fees to contend with! You just drive up and walk right in, right?

Not exactly.

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All Hallow’s Eve

all hallows eve

A list of Halloween Movies that you should find enjoyable and I probably missed a lot:

Alien / Aliens
John Carpenter’s Halloween
John Carpenter’s The Fog
John Carpenter’s The Thing
Jeepers Creepers
Session 9
The Frighteners
The Conjuring
Devil’s Backbone
The Name of the Rose
Shaun of the Dead
The Exorcist
Cabin in the Woods
Evil Dead 1+2
The Others
Friday The 13th
Dead Alive
The Shining

And lastly, like I do every Halloween, the Vincent Price’s voice over from Thriller:

“Darkness falls across the land

The midnite hour is close at hand

Creatures crawl in search of blood

To terrorize yawls neighbourhood

And whosoever shall be found

Without the soul for getting down

Must stand and face the hounds of hell

And rot inside a corpses shell

The foulest stench is in the air

The funk of forty thousand years

And grizzy ghouls from every tomb

Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive

Your body starts to shiver

For no mere mortal can resist

The evil of the thriller…

Vincent Price – Michael Jackson’s Thriller, 1984. Dir. John Landis

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