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you should be writing doctor-01

A day into 2015 and I’m making progress on plotting out Chapter 5 and the novel overall.

The realization of exactly how much I squeezed into the first draft has finally dawned on me that if I wish to keep me things in, I’ll be sprinkling plots/characters from the first draft across several books and so focusing the first book on Spencer, Melinda and the antagonist.

The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count going into 2015 is:

It hasn’t moved much since last time due to holidays and my going down the rabbit hole on the universe backstory.

The goal right now is to have the second draft done by ECCC. Send it back through the writing group and query agents.

As for ECCC, I dunno if I’ll be cosplaying this year or not.

One of my Christmas presents was a scarf knitted by my mom, and not just any scarf: this scarf ->


So, I’m a pair of pants, shirt, vest, coat, hat, tardis key, sonic screwdriver away from cosplaying #4.

BBC America has a nice post on Cosplaying as 4 that covers the particulars.

During the holidays, we retreated to Woodstock, VT and when I wasn’t sledding with my brother and his wife:


I managed to get some reading done and visited Woodstock’s bookstore, the Yankee Bookshop. I enjoyed: Lock In, Lexicon and A Talent for War. Afterworlds is only partly started. I’ve found bouncing from author style to style is often an interesting speed bump. My social feeds will probably be showing more Goodreads posts.

I kickstarted Harry Connolly’s The Great Way and it’s been getting good reviews so I’ve got a trilogy to read through soon.

Going into 2015, there are some shout outs to blogs belonging to friends and family:

1. Backyard Roots – a gardening blog created by my sister-in-law and brother. Make sure to like their FB page.
2. Hold me Don’t Hold Me – baby momma blog.
3. Bennett North – NaNoWrimo Word War buddy, fellow aspiring writer and Writing Group member.
4. Hey Ashers – Book reviews done by fellow New England NaNoWrimo and Writing Group member.
5. Chopping Potatoes – baby momma blog handling things like post partum depression and fellow New England aspiring writer.

And lastly, my 2015 Resolutions:

1. Plot faster.
2. Write better.
3. Finish what I write and get it edited.
4. Query Agents.
5. Read more.
6. Post more photos.
7. Find a junior graphic design job.
8. Blog more.
9. Find time for PS4 gaming with friends.
10. Install new WP theme for the blog…

[Plotting About] The end of 2014…  0


Looking back on the end of 2013 and I’m in a better place even if I’m in the same place I was last year.

The list I made last year was:

1. Finish Weaver Book #1. Query Agents. Work on Book #2. – Completed 1 of 3 – Found out first draft was too much but I finished it, all 147k words of it. I’ve got 3-4 books squished into 1.
2. Find a graphic design job – Interned at Regimen Boxing Enterprises and created posters for the August fight that went up all over Providence.
3. Finish a short story and submit it to either magazine or writer’s workshop. – I’m crossing this off the list until Weaver Revision 2 is done.
4. Continue to write – Yep.
5. Read more – I have been.
6. Take more pictures and post’em – Need more time in the day.
7. More gaming with Team Formation – Still need more time in the day.
8. Hope for good new season of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi – It was a good season even if the season finale felt off.

On the Weaver front – Chapter 4 has been re-edited.

The scenes from chapter 5 is being pushed to the last third of the book. This means a new chapter 5. And it means sending our heroes off in to the unknown.

In the meantime, I’ve been backfilling history. If this sounds vaguely familiar it’s because the Weaver ‘Verse is a giant, sprawling, epic, space opera and I never typed it all out in some semblance of chronological form. And when I did, I never finished it or adapted it properly. Instead it’s been spread out over several moleskin notebooks and my brain.

So the rest of 2014 is going to spent filling in background, plotting out the rest of the book(s) and getting some of the comic script pages written.

The first draft chapters have been put into a folder and will be dusted off when needed.

That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

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