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Month: September 2011

[Doctor Who] Closing Time

I hate that face! I’ve had nightmares about that face!

Good ole Craig! It’s Doctor Who’s version of Hurley!

So with one episode to go until the big finish and since they’re filming the Christmas Episode even as we speak, I have to say this entire Melody Pond being brainwashed to kill the Doctor was originally a great idea.

Unfortunately, something happened in the office’s of the Beeb and someone said (I can only assume): Ya know wot, how is that gonna work exactly?

Getting past that whole mess of Melody Pond, the Silence and killing the Doc, let’s get back to the episode at hand: Cybermen stalking people in a Department Store! Complete with Cybermat!

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[Movie Review] Drive

Everyone over on AICN is raving about this movie and for once I whole heartedly agree with them.

Drive is has several styles running through it, I can best describe it as a european, 80’s, noir, violent tale about a Driver who works at a garage/ Hollywood Stunt Man by day and if the money is right will be your wheel man for 5 minutes.

Thankfully, Michael Bay is nowhere in sight.

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[Flim Providence] RIPD coming to Providence….

Taken from the article:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Universal Studios is filming a car chase scene in Rhode Island for a movie starring Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds.

The filming for “R.I.P.D.” begins on Tuesday on Washington Street in Providence.

State Film & Television Office Executive Director Steven Feinberg says the “supernatural action-adventure” stars Bridges and Reynolds as two undead police officers dispatched by the otherworldly “Rest In Peace Department” to protect the world from an “increasingly destructive array of creatures.”

The main cast members will not participate in the filming in Providence.

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