[Movie Review] X-Men: Apocalypse

“Sweet Dreams are made of this.” X-Men Apocalypse reviews dropped a month ago when Captain America: Civil War was the darling on Rotten Tomatoes and everyone made it out to be a garbage fire. I have no idea what movie Continue reading [Movie Review] X-Men: Apocalypse

[Movie Review] Captain America: Civil War

Welcome to Marvel Phase Three. Another Free Comic Book Day, another Marvel Movie. I have to ask: Just what the whiskey tango foxtrot happened to Age of Ultron while Civil War is amaze balls. Don’t get me wrong, Age of Continue reading [Movie Review] Captain America: Civil War

[Movie Review] Batman VS. Superman

Batman VS. Superman (2016) It’s that time of year folks, the comic book movies have arrived with Batman VS. Superman. A movie some people will tell you had been mentioned in I am Legend back in 2007. Bennett North and Continue reading [Movie Review] Batman VS. Superman

[Movie Review] Jurassic Park’s World

Jurassic Park has a special place in my heart. It was released on June 11, 1993. I had just graduated from High School and after a dinner at either a TGI Fridays or Applebees to celebrate with the parents myself Continue reading [Movie Review] Jurassic Park’s World

[Book VS. Movie Review] Gone Girl

Thursday, I spend at my door awaiting for my iPhone 6 to arrive. Physically at my door reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. My printer died and there was no way to print out a signature form. The movie premiered Continue reading [Book VS. Movie Review] Gone Girl

[Movie Review] Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is almost the perfect summer blockbuster. It stars a ragtag group of hooligans including a talking tree and raccoon voiced by Vince Diesel and Bradley Cooper respectively. And it’s from Marvel. And it’s fun! Even if Continue reading [Movie Review] Guardians of the Galaxy

[Movie Review] Lucy

Luc Besson directing a Rated R movie with Scarlett Johansen playing a reluctant drug mule named Lucy who is accidentally gets infected by a experiment drug that makes her use more of her brain than anyone else managed to make Continue reading [Movie Review] Lucy

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