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February Updates

Welcome to February

Work continues on Where Riders Crosleigh.

I’ve updated my appearance page to include Boskone which is this coming weekend where myself, J. Michael Squatrito and Christopher Paniccia will exhibiting in the dealers room at the Association of Rhode Island Authors table.

Boskone Panel

Boskone is great convention to go to if you’re in the area. It’s more geared towards authors instead of comics and has three days worth of panels to attend.

Boskone Panel

If you can’t make it to WorldCon then Boskone is a great alternative.

R K Bentley and Nat Segaloff

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401 Regimen Classic Amateur Boxing Showcase on August 2, 2014 in Providence, RI

[Updated with new information]

RKB Studios has been working with Regimen Boxing Enterprises on the advertising for the Boxing Showcase coming to Providence, R.I. and the first flyer is available!


401 Regimen Classic Amateur Boxing Showcase will be held on August 2, 2014 at Classical High School Gymnasium from 4pm to 8pm.

Tickets can be bought at 401 Regimen Classic website.

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[ News ] Ten years…

For those who have read this before, you can skip it. I’m putting the updates above the cut.

Ten years later and it’s a Sunday.

I’ve moved twice. Went back to school. Graduated with a Associates in Multimedia, Web Design from NEIT and still hound the white whale that is my novel in progress.

My brother has moved three times, changed jobs until he found one he liked and is now engaged to get married in January.

Parents are doing fine, my dad is into year two of recovering from surgery to his leg.

Friends have married and begun their litter of ragamuffins.

And, unfortunately, my creative partner of 14 years is no longer with us. I don’t like to say dead even though my mother, the nurse of 30+ years calls a spade a spade. Dead sounds too permanent, if a Brit, a puppet and a emo Jedi can come back as blue haze then so can we. I’d include that quote from The Last Starfighter but there’s enough geek in the paragraph already.

All I know is, tomorrow, I’ll be doing the same thing I was doing ten years ago…

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[Ramblin’] Irene, Draft and Columbiana updates…

This won’t be much of an update since Irene’s western edge kicked the crap out of the lower East Coast and Vermont while her eastern edge basically passed by Rhode Island.

Saturday we managed to have our Rhody Writers Meet Up at Books on the Square. Since the library was booked, one our newer members found us a lovely place to meet at and I have to say even with the then Cat 2 Hurricane slowly churning up the coast we had 8 people, 6 regulars and 2 new people, 1 even had signed up the night before.

I always enjoy these meet ups because I have no idea what people are going to post. We have the Steampunk / Fantasy , Horror, Sci-Fi, General Fiction and others. So far I have not found any of the pieces in six months boring and many of them come back once they’ve been edited and read better than before. And, if that’s the case, then the group is working.

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[Signal Boost] Arthur Penn Biography…

Nat Segaloff and Arthur Penn have written a biography about the director entitled: Arthur Penn: American Director.

Penn directed such classics as Bonnie and Clyde, Alice’s Restaurant and Little Big Man.

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