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[Podcast Love] A few podcasts I can recommend…

So, once I came back from San Diego, I decided to listen to some of the Nerdist Podcasts on my walks and in doing so managed to find a few other Podcasts I can recommend:

Just a heads up: Most of these are label explicit except the Sci-Fi Publishing.

First, Aisha Tylers Girl on Guy Interview Podcast is pretty good. It just started and if your a fan of Archer at least 2 of the 3 current casts she’s done is with Archer cast members.

Second, Nerdist Writer’s Panel. This podcast consists of a panel of television writers from Buffy to Supernatural to 24 and such all of which takes place at Meltdown Comics in LA. Tickets available on website.

Third, Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing.

Lastly, Nerdist Podcast. Most of the celeb interviews are interesting to listen to and always fun to hear where they filming from.

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