[Doctor Who Review] Listen

“Don’t turn round.” This is the episode that horror writers/directors should watch to see the tension get wretched up without the cheap thrills, blood or music. Written by Stephen Moffat it takes it’s themes from Don’t Blink and Silence in Continue reading [Doctor Who Review] Listen

[Doctor Who Review] The Robot of Sherwood

For everyone who complained (not me) about episodes 1+2 being off and Episode 3 being back on track were half right. Episode 3 is a classic Doctor Who historical episode. Clara makes a request to go see a fictional character Continue reading [Doctor Who Review] The Robot of Sherwood

[Doctor Who Review] Into the Dalek

(Image courtesy of David Catterall) The carry over from the Matt Smith years continues with the Doctor in the beginning of his journey only to have to pick Clara up from school before dashing off to face down the pepper Continue reading [Doctor Who Review] Into the Dalek

[Television Review] Extant (minor spoilers)

Extant on CBS is SyFy’s Helix for women. Minus the vampire vectors and the black goo. It stars Halle Berry as an astronaut, Molly Woods in space on a 13 month mission when suddenly, something happens! Back on Earth she Continue reading [Television Review] Extant (minor spoilers)

[Doctor Who Review] The Bells of Saint John

“I don’t know where I am.” So begins the 2nd half of the seventh series (season) of Doctor Who and the introduction (again) of the new TARDIS control room and the new companion, Clara Oswald played once again by Jenna-Louise Continue reading [Doctor Who Review] The Bells of Saint John

[Doctor Who Mini-non spoiler Review] The Angels Take Manhattan

Good use of River Song, Angels and saying goodbye without having to use a Russell T Davies 2 part season finale. Hopefully the Christmas Episode will contain less sugar than the previous Christmas Episodes. Spoiler post tomorrow.

[Doctor Who Review] A Good Man goes to War

“Where’s my wife?” Wait. An adventure with a Victorian, Detective, Katana wielding, Silurian in fog filled London and her equally katana wielding woman servant was passed up for shitty episode about pirates? Was passed up for 2 parter about Gangers than Continue reading [Doctor Who Review] A Good Man goes to War

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